. . so sorry if I gave you a little fright

9. září 2017 v 3:57 | Unknown Reliant |  Pain & Pleasure

Good morning, how you doing?
So you think I finally had enough?
I don't care if you are laughing
just admitting it was pretty rough.
But you will never get as far as I did
since you broke my heart.
I can finally live without a presence
of this awful squad.
You said that I'm broken crying out loud
like some fuckin cunt?
Now stop and watch me, honey.
I got up and fixed my damaged heart.
So you think you killed me,
that I'm drowning banished sinner.
But deep inside you should have known
that you made me a winner.

- to someone who didn't realized that noone cares



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1 The only Moon | 9. září 2017 v 13:57 | Reagovat

Im always watching and never forgetting... All the things we did for entertaining... It wasnt my fault, you know it well... You were the one, who sent me to hell...

2 Unknown Reliant | Web | 9. září 2017 v 18:44 | Reagovat

It's nice to know that you didn't forget,
but this one isn't yours so calm down your head.
And to be honest.. If you were in hell..
Even if I sent you there I don't regret.

May this words be the last you can hear,
because I finally made it all clear.
I'm living in a world that I built on my own,
with someone else who was able to grown.

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