3. ledna 2017 v 4:23 | Unknown Reliant |  Pain & Pleasure

I'm sitting here
on a cold dark night.
I'm watching stars.
They are so bright.

I haven't seen them
for long time.
I slept well back then
but not tonight.

Where are those times
when we both laughed.
Where are the stars
those in your eyes.

When did it happen?
Where went the pleasure?
We lived in heaven.
Now there is no treasure.

When did my words
build up the wall?
When did your silence
make us both fall?

There's no way out.
Is this how it ends?
Who fired the shot?
Are we foes or friends?

- to the boy who stole my heart


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1 ┼Nemessis mor Morticie ┼ | Web | 7. ledna 2017 v 23:23 | Reagovat

úžasné ;-)

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